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Earth & Spirit Connection 101

Fern Leaves

​Earth Consciousness Healing

Land or Garden Consultations

Enhance the life force energy of your garden by working directly with nature's intelligence and co-creating with nature spirits

What to Expect

A garden consultation will evaluate the following

  • Scope: We will discuss your unique property or situation to set intentions and scope of the reading to direct the flow and overall outcome

  • Map Dowse: Detect the energy of the land for positive and negative energies that can be worked with or cleared such as geopathic stress, undergrounds faults, electro-magnetic fields, or manmade trauma

  • Nature Spirits: Nature spirits will be consulted for a better understanding of your land or garden and will be brought into the conversation for co-creation and healing 

  • Reading the Energies of PlaceCommunicate with the spirit of place, deeper insight to restore harmony with the spirit of place (genus loci).

  • Plant selection or garden modifications for increased wildlife habitat (local only)

  • Detailed Report: You will receive a report of what was found, including the energies released, healing recommendations for you to keep the balance

  • Each land and garden consultation is unique depending on your overarching goals, the land and nature spirits

  • Consultations are held remotely for anywhere in the world with a follow-up call to go over the healing in depth with continued support until you feel the balance and connection is restored, or in person (Montana and Idaho only)


Co-create with nature's intelligence and nature spirits


Are you a nature lover looking to foster a deeper connection with your garden?

If you are ready to foster a deeper connection to the land in which you live, by utilizing ancient practices and working in partnership with all living beings, to create a better world for all, then Earth Consciousness Healing is for you!

This is for you, if you want to...

  • Foster a deeper connection with the space you reside in

  • Become the earth guardian of your land


  • Work with the Spirits of the land and evaluate if they're happy, and how you can work with them directly to co-create and heal the land you live upon

  • Incorporate native plants, herbs or wildlife habitat into your land or garden with plant recommendations (local only)

  • Deepen your connection with the land

  • Heal and elevate your space with your intentions


  • Find power spots for meditation, enhanced garden growth 

  • Learn how to do this yourself through direct, experienced guidance

  • Clear and protect your land and home energetically

  • Tune into the energy of the landscape, nature spirits, dryads and elementals, to co-create and heal

Combining The Practical...

These practices are the oldest known forms of earth stewardship, sacred ecology, environmental psychology, and spiritually-based design. As a holistic, integrated system of natural sciences and philosophy, Earth Consciousness Healing incorporates ecology, geology, geography, dowsing, earth acupuncture, earth healing, seasonal cycles and more.

Together, we will:

  • Increase the life force energy of your home and the land you live upon

  • Reduce and remove negative energies affecting you, your garden and your pets

  • Align your land with nature's energies

  • Increase the health of body, mind and spirit

  • ​Amplify positive energies to enhance quality of life and promote healing

  • Restore harmony and balance through the gifts from nature

  • Foster a deeper connection to the natural spaces around you


With The Magical

Co-Create and Heal with Nature's Intelligence

  • Celebrate your space through Ceremony and Honoring's

  • Earth Alchemy for Healing

  • Co-Create with all life, seen and unseen

  • Heal the physical and energetic layers of the earth

  • Awaken your intuitive senses

  • Enhance the life force energy of the land

  • Learn to read the consciousness and power of place 

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