Written Session:  

​Up to 5 Questions $150

  • In depth session with room to explore your relationship

  • Recommended for those who wish to continue your relationship with your companion in the afterlife

  • 15 minute follow up call

2 Questions $75

  • Only for animals I have previously connected with

  • Designed to be a quick check-in or follow-up


Ask your companions anything you want and receive a written transcript with their response.


More Information

Forget-Me Not sessions are designed to help keep your relationship alive. Just because they are gone physically,

does not mean that you have to end your relationship.

Through a Forget-Me-Not session you can learn what your pet is doing in the afterlife.

Our pets, unique and vibrant on the other side, have opportunities to learn,

become guides, assist us directly, reincarnate to different realms, work with the Angels and much, much more.

By continuing our relationship, they can help us level up spiritually, provide profound advice and guidance

as well as share their explorations. Working with your pets after they transition will open your heart, imagination and help you understand what the afterlife is really like.


1. Please wait a minimum of one month before connecting your pet after they have transitioned.


2. The grief we hold can actually block messages from coming through.

As described by several animals in spirit, the emotions we have while we grieve are strong, dense and hard for spirit to get through so they aren't able to communicate everything they wish to communicate until we begin the healing process.


3. Our animals need time to re-adjust to their new energetic body and to re-charge.


While some animals are ready to connect right away, some aren't. It takes time for their new energetic body form to heal from the life they just had, and then to re-charge. For them to come through right after transitioning is asking a lot from them.


After two weeks, an animal is usually ready to have a session where we can get you the connection and answers you need while still respecting their energy.