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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is animal communication?
    Animal communication is a two way, telepathic conversation between two beings. An energetic connection is made between myself and your animal. We speak through telepathy (the transfer of thoughts from one mind to another). I then conduct a two-way conversation where I receive messages through images, feelings and words which I then pass on directly to you. If you're wondering how this all works please take a look at The Science page.
  • Why use an animal communicator?
    If you find that you often wonder how your pet is feeling or what their background is, that's an excellent reason to use a communicator. Other topics which can help you understand your pet include: how they might adjust to a new family addition, what would make them happy, if they have any words of wisdom for you or if in spirit, if they are okay and where they are. These examples are a small sample of the wisdom and answers we can receive from animals.
  • Does my animal need to be present?
    Nope! All communications are done remotley.
  • What kind of animals can you communicate with?
    Any and all! I've communicated with turtles, bees, birds, dogs, cats, horses.... there is no limit!
  • Do I have to own the animal in order to have a session?
    You must be the current guardian of the animal you wish you have a session with. It is a violation of privacy to connect with an animal that doesn't belong to you.
  • What can I expect before and after a session?
    Before a session, I ask that you provide a picture, a list of questions and an overarching goal for your session. After your session, I will send you a transcript of what your pet communicated. I am available for follow up questions (through email or phone) that you may have about your session. Many times, the concepts our animals present to us are mind blowing and I am happy to chat about anything that comes up.
  • Will my animal act differently towards me after a session?
    The only time I've ever seen or heard of behavior changes after a session, is after a behavior consultation. Otherwise, your animals shouldn't change at all!
  • Will my pet act weird while you are conducting your session?
    It's possible. Some pets can have a conversation while they are out playing or doing other things, and you would never notice that they are having a conversation with someone. Other pets will stare off into space or act a bit strange for the duration of the session. For example: I was working with a kitty and the entire time I was chatting with him, he was walking around his house meowing, loudly and pacing. Afterwards, he passed out for about an hour. His mom reported this after I sent her the communication and we checked our timeline.
  • Why can't everyone talk to animals?
    While the ability to talk and communicate with all life is an innate and natural ability that ANYONE can do, we as a species have largley forgotten how to. For some, it comes naturally and for others it takes time, patience and practice to awaken and retrain that part of the brain.
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