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Image by Takashi Watanabe

Earth & Spirit Connection 101

​Earth Consciousness Healing

Medicine of the New Earth

Combining the Practical with the Magical

Earth Consciousness Healing is a unique blend of ancient and current methods used to heal and rejuvenate the lands, hearts and homes for all of those who live on this planet.

By utilizing ancient practices of our ancestors, directly communicating with the Guardians the Lands, and working in partnership with all living beings, together, we can create harmony and healing on the land, 

and create a better world for all.

Immerse yourself

Work with the Spirits that reside on your land

Awaken to the wisdom of wild and domestic animals

Learn how nature speaks to you

and through you

Restore harmony and balance 

Receive the gifts from Mother Earth


We are going to do this, together

Earth Consciousness Healing will:

  • Increase the life force energy of your land and home

  • Remove any negative energies that might be wreaking havoc on you and your pets

  • Connect to the energy of the land to identify where balance and harmony need to be restored

  • Align your home with nature's energies

  • Increase your health, body, mind and spirit

Identify Positive & Negative Energies 

  • Map dowse for geopathic stress, or negative earth energies, on the land and within the  property

  • If companion animals are part of the land and home, they will be consulted for stress points, positive and/or negative spots


  • Elemental beings will be identified and consulted for other areas of concern that might otherwise go unnoticed

  • Together, we will coordinate messages and information to understand where the energy needs to shift, be healed, released and or amplified depending on your goals

Step 2: Communicate with the Guardians of the Land for Deeper Perspective

  • Understand the history of the land and who the guardians are

Step 3: Combine the Practical and Magical for Healing the Land

  • Through Ceremony

  • Crystal Healing

  • Earth Alchemy

  • Offerings

  • Fostering a Deep Connection to Place

  • Co-Create with all life, seen and unseen

  • Awaken your intuitive senses

  • Enhance the energy of the land and home

  • Identify power spots to amplify your healing and overall connectedness

  • Learn to read the consciousness and power of place 

  • Nourish your own connection to space and place


Increase the life force energy of your home and the land you live upon

Reduce and remove negative energies affecting you and your pets

Amplify positive energies to enhance quality of life and promote healing

Restore harmony and balance 

Image by Ben Black

Nature Is Already Working On Our Behalf
It's Time For Us Help

Guardian trees, trees siphoning energy, portals, power spots, 

Guardians of the landscape

Many landscapes have an overarching spirit, or guardian. Sometimes these are plant or tree spirits, the local rivers and streams, the mountains or sometimes they're human spirits who made it a point to ensure that a landscape is cared for.

The relationship to the land was once all powerful and our  ancestors depended upon it for all their needs. Now sadly that has become a thing of the past . It is easy to lose all touch with the earth beneath our feet. Our ancestors had a very different way of relating to the land 


Guardians of Place

These were the gods of the local rivers, hills, wells, mountains, who oversaw whole areas of the land. In addition the other spirits, the in-dwelling spirits of trees, the wind and the rain, there were ancestors, spirits of the deep earth, the barrow dwellers, and of course there were also the faeries. Spirits of every kind roam the earth and our interaction and awareness of the beings, their effects upon the world, and ours, are the central work introduced here. 

  • By working together and with the Spirits of the Land we will discover, identify and heal past traumas resulting in a healthier landscape and home environment

  • Identify types of earth energies and their impact on you and your land/home

  • Meet the nature spirits residing near you and begin developing a relationship with them

  • Raise your consciousness and the consciousness of your land

  • Begin noticing the signs and symbols from nature beings

  • Develop a deep connection and build a relationship with your landscape

  • Honor the earth and yourself

  • Expand your consciousness and awareness to the intricate web of life

  • Balance and align your home and land with nature's energies

  • Identify power spots, vortices and portals 

The beings upon the land wish to heal the land they live upon. It is through the combined efforts of all involved, human and Earth, elemental and animal, that makes up Earth Consciousness Healing, whether that be through the trees, the seas, the stars and moon, the ancient beings, or the worms and the plants, it is all there,

just waiting for humanity to tune in.

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