Nature Infused Energy Healing


Mystical Messages $55

  • ​A channeled message brought forward just for you

  • Session includes a channeled message, a detailed description of who stepped forward, and how you can work with them directly

  • Messages can come from spirit animal guides, totem animals, loved ones, ancestors, angels... or those from other realms such as fairies, dragons, dinosaurs, unicorns or whoever steps forward to share their wisdom and guidance

  • If you wish to know who your spirit or animal guides are and how you can work with them simply ask!


  • Please allow 3-5 business days for channeled messages to be delivered



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Sometimes it's nice to have insight for big decisions, receive general life advice or get tips on how to increase your awareness and up your game spiritually.


By consulting guides, totem animals or those in other realms, we can tap into the most amazing insight or be challenged to look into the depths of our own soul to uncover a hidden truth.

If you have a specific question you are wanting insight on or feel inspired to see what spirit brings forward,

I encourage you to open your mind and your heart to receive messages from those that so often go unnoticed. 


"I received a unique, and out of the box perspective on a life decision I've been thinking about for years.

I appreciated the messages that come forward and now I know I have a pixie I can call upon

when my life gets too heavy."

"I asked specifically how I could personally connect to my main spirit guide and he communicated that my mind is like a cluttered closet waiting to explode! He indicated that I must learn how to de-clutter my thoughts, live in the moment and only then will I truly be able to listen and hear what he has to say. He also gave me much needed advice on how to do that and how I can begin my relationship with him."

"I asked if I handled my parent's estate and belongings properly after they passed away. The reply I received was my father's response in his words! The messages I received gave me the closure I needed to move beyond the loss of my parents."


More Information

What is or who is one of my animal guides and how can I work with them?

How can I work more closely with my garden and provide more for the wildlife?

Do I have a special guide in the elemental realms (fairies, elves, unicorns, pixies, etc.) and how can I work with them?

What are my psychic strengths and weaknesses and how can I connect to them with more intention?

How can I move through this (big decisions or life obstacle) and/or look at it from a different perspective?