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Earth & Spirit Connection 101

Tree Hugger

Earth & Spirit Connection 101


to Earth


Day 2

What does being grounded mean?


Simply put, being grounded is the ability to bring yourself back into balance and being centered within your own self. It is a balancing of the physical and the spiritual energy within your body.


Signs you are grounded:


  • You feel like you are here, in the present moment

  • The feeling that you are stable

  • Feel close to your own true essence

  • Have a clear, strong and focused mind

  • Are not affected by circumstances around you

  • Can stay calm and neutral

  • Have a good connection with your own internal body


To be grounded is to be connected to oneself.


Signs you may be un-grounded or not connected to your inner-self:


  • Lack focus

  • Feel insecure being your true self

  • Easily distracted

  • Feel spacey

  • Feel scattered

  • Suffer from anxiety or can become anxious easily

  • Easily affected by what’s going on around you

  • Suffer from inflammation

  • Suffer from poor sleep

To Do:

Activity-Sacred Silent Walk

Take yourself on a sacred silent walk to ground yourself with movement and curious observation.


Read the journal prompts and take a moment to reflect after you are finished.

Join my private Facebook Group: Nature's Connection-Animals, Nature, Spirit to join a community, share your experiences and/or ask questions.


Sacred Silent Walk

Directional Elements

Journal Prompt

Leave Comments and Questions in the
Facebook Group: Nature's Connection-Animals, Nature, Spirit 
Where did you go for a walk?
Did you find that you could or could not be in the present moment and observe the nature around you?

Misty Forest Reflection

"We cannot walk through Nature

without realizing

the life and energy

within every aspect of Her.”

Ted Andrews

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