What People are Chirping About

Diane Camara

"When I started reading the message, I was filled with emotion. Hearing this message from my guide truly touched my soul. It was a very heartwarming and beautiful message that at this point in my journey, I needed to hear. I am truly grateful!"

Laurie Prinzivalli

Darci & Taz

"WOW!! That was deep and brought tears to my eyes. You did an amazing job! I have to say you nailed it. The message was dead on. This message from you has definitely helped me answer my question. I can't thank you enough for doing this for me!"

Michelle Porlier

"What an amazing session. I am blown away by the messages my animal guides have given, each one revealing sides of me that ring true. As I read through each one, I feel a warmth in my soul, as if reconnecting with old friends that I've lost touch with. I am in awe as I read and re-read the messages, each one capturing a different side of me. Each one accurate! I can't thank you enough and I am forever grateful for the wisdom the animals shared with you."

Lea & Sitka

In these difficult and uncertain times, it can be tough to find guidance through our challenges, either emotionally or physically. Kara making a connection with my childhood dog, Sitka, and sharing that connection with me helped me feel confidence that I was not spiritually alone.


"I received a unique, and out of the box perspective on a life decision I've been thinking about for years.

I appreciated the messages that come forward and now I know I have a pixie I can call upon

when my life gets too heavy."

"I asked specifically how I could personally connect to my main spirit guide and he communicated that my mind is like a cluttered closet waiting to explode! He indicated that I must learn how to de-clutter my thoughts, live in the moment and only then will I truly be able to listen and hear what he has to say. He also gave me much needed advice on how to do that and how I can begin my relationship with him."

"I asked if I handled my parent's estate and belongings properly after they passed away. The reply I received was my father's response in his words! The messages I received gave me the closure I needed to move beyond the loss of my parents."