About Deep Root Connections

Deep Root Connections is rooted with an Earth and nature-based philosophy

where Earth, animals, nature and spirit are all intertwined, alive and communicating.



Is to serve as a channel and voice for animals, nature and spirit,

empower you to connect on a deeper level with yourself, your companions, the Earth and her natural wonders,

and inspire you to live grounded and in-tune to the rhythms of the magical world around you.


To help you re-connect and remember the ancient ways

our ancestors communicated that have been long forgotten

and create a community that we all can lean on and share with. 

Meet Kara
Creator and Owner of Deep Root Connections
Animal, Nature, Earth and Spirit Communicator

As a young, quirky, red-haired girl

I spent my time as a child exploring

the suburban neighborhood around my house


Most days, you could find me wandering

about the house

acting like a strong, powerful cougar

protecting my realm, 

outside dancing with the wind

as if we were one,

or hanging out with my

dogs, rabbits and turtles


Now, I spend my spare time

mucking stalls,

acting as a mamma hen to the chickies,

playing with the goats

or wandering the mountains

healing with the energies of the trees



I love plants, insects and dirt

I garden for the benefit of

wildlife with native plants

and can usually be found

tootling the gardens

during the growing season

welcoming in new garden visitors

When it rains, I try to see if I can catch

the sight of a rainbow

and feel the magic it has to offer

I have always felt that there is more to this life

than what we can physically see and feel

and one day I was swept away in a swift current that changed my life forever 

I welcome you to embrace the wonders

of the Universe with me.

Wondering how I became an animal communicator? Head over here

Energy Healing, Animal & Spirit Communication Credentials

Nature, Wildlife & Earth Connection Credentials

  • BS in Wildlife Sciences, University of Idaho

  • Wildlife Husbandry (7 years)

  • Field research technician (5 years)

  • Work with plants and the earth through habitat management, nursery work and landscaping (10 years)

  • Master Gardener

  • Environmental Educator for children and adults (4 years)

  • Personal explorations and spiritual connect in the Mountains (lifetime)

My Crew in Spirit and in Form