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Dive Into The Image

The intricate layers here tell all from a forests point of view. Partial to the lore, magic, energy and essence of the ancient trees, I have chosen the path of a forest dwellers secrets.

Notice the path of least resistance, through the enchanted forest.

Does one willingly go beyond and see what’s on the other side? Does the path entice you to see more?

The secrets are hidden within the land spoken so freely and willingly to those whom will take the time to notice the subtle shifts in energies.

The simplicity of a flower, the shape of a stone, the magic and power of feather, the cleansing properties of a single drop of water, the hidden messengers waiting to be seen and noticed and to help guide you forward along your path of life.

The embers. The embers will light your way, act as your passion at play. That is what will light your way home, to your true soul’s mission.

The forest of lore, mystery and misconception holds the ancient language of the lands to be told. The ancient language of all there is, can be and will become, if one only looks at the divinity within.

Take a look here and see what you can see. Does this image speak of ancient lore? Of magical and mystical? Of the healing powers that nature beholds?

This image, illustrates the land of all encompassing. The hidden secrets within the land, through nature, in divinity and simplicity. Designed for you to see, hear, feel and notice the subtle energies all around, waiting for you to fully immerse yourself with your body, mind and soul.

About Deep Root Connections

Deep Root Connections is rooted with an Earth and nature-based philosophy

where Earth, animals, nature and spirit are all intertwined, alive and communicating.



The mission for Deep Root Connections is to instill a deep connection of place through body, mind, soul and spirit.

To empower you to connect on a deeper level with yourself, your companions, the Earth and her natural wonders, and inspire you to live grounded and in-tune to the rhythms of the magical word around you.  By connecting you back to the earthly plane and bringing the ancient ways of communion forward into progressive times, together, we will mix the beyond with the below in a very grounded and earthly manner which will ultimately, help you align to your true passion, your purpose and your souls calling.

How Might I Do This?

By giving you the foundational skills to reconnect and remember the ancient ways of communion with the Earth and her beings that have long been forgotten while simultaneously creating a community that we can all lean on and share with.

You see, grounding is our key fit here, that is our power. It is through grounding that we begin to feel the magical nuances of the beyond. It is through grounding that we find our magical tune. It is through grounding that we can find our true passions, the flame within and the fire inside. It is through grounding that we will find our willpower and our strengths and our greatest blocks. It is through grounding that we can unlock our truest potential, our souls’ calling and connect deeper with ourselves, our animals, nature and spirit, all united and combined as one, in the most fluid and magical way.  


Meet Kara
Owner of Deep Root Connections

As a young, quirky, red-haired girl

I spent my time as a child exploring

the suburban neighborhood around my house


Most days, you could find me wandering

about the house

acting like a strong, powerful cougar

protecting my realm, 

outside dancing with the wind

as if we were one,

or hanging out with my

dogs, rabbits and turtles


Now, I spend my spare time

mucking stalls,

acting as a mamma hen to the chickies,

playing with the goats

or wandering the mountains

healing with the energies of the trees



I love plants, insects and dirt

I garden for the benefit of

wildlife with native plants

and can usually be found

tootling the gardens

during the growing season

welcoming in new garden visitors

When it rains, I try to see if I can catch

the sight of a rainbow

and feel the magic it has to offer

I have always felt that there is more to this life

than what we can physically see and feel

and one day I was swept away in a swift current that changed my life forever 

I welcome you to embrace the wonders

of the Universe with me.

Energy Healing, Animal & Spirit Communication Credentials