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Tree & Nature Communication

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Become Aware of your Natural Abilities to Communicate with Nature, Including Trees, Plants and Rocks By the end of this workshop, you will... ​ -Have the tools and confidence you need to continue your communications with all of  nature -Recognize your own experiences and strengths when communicating with nature -Gather insights from nature beings which can be life-changing for you and for others -Understand how nature communicates on a physical and energetic level -Learn how to deeply connect to Mother Gaia for through your heart, hands and feet -Know how to ask permission to use their body (example: trees, plants etc.)  -Understand why you are drawn to a particular tree, rock or plant in a forest and then what to do next -How to recognize and navigate eco grief What's Included: -2.5 Hour Workshop on Tree Communication -2.5 Hour Workshop on Nature Communication -Complimentary Workshop PDF's -2 Workbooks for Continued Learning and Exploring -3 Recorded Meditations​ -Bonus E-Book to Recharge with Earth's Energy ​

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